Government M. H. College of Home Science & Science for Women, Autonomous, Jabalpur, M. P.
NAAC Reaccreditated 2012 : A grade CGPA - 3.41

Department Of Food & Nutrition

Department of Food & Nutrition was established in the year 1964 and housed in 750 square meter area with well equipped Nutritional, Microbiological and Biochemistry Lab with 8 Faculty members, Lab Technicians . Vision and Mission of the Department is to achieve excellence in Teaching and Research for the upliftment and promotion of Health of an individual and community. The Department offers Traditional Courses in B.Sc. Home Science, M.Sc. Home Science Food and Nutrition. The Faculty Members represent the subject in the University.


  • 2001 PG Diploma : Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • 2002 Vocational Course : Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics in combination with Chemistry & Zoology (Initially sponsored by UGC)
  • 2007 IGNOU programme : Study Center.
  • 2011 Community College

Semester System was implemented for under graduate students by Higher Education from July 2008. The syllabi for the courses are followed as recommended by Central Board Studies and approved by Higher Education – the Governer of M.P. Post Graduation has semester system since 1992. Being an Autonomous College the department has its own Board of Studies. It revise and upgrade the syllabus.

For the upliftment of the students internal assessment, project work, internship, continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) are followed.

Faculty encourages the students to participate in National & International Seminars, Workshops and Symposium. Extension activities conducted by the department in community, Hospitals, Food Industries and Institutions, District Jail, ICDS, Clubs, NGO’s, NRC's Orphanage and special children.

Minor Research Projects Sponsored by UGC, are run by the Department.

Educational tours are organized every year to aware, expose, uplift & equip the students in various Nutritional fields.

4 Gold Medals are awarded to meritorious students by the faculty members.


Audio Visual Aids are used in addition to traditional lecture methods. Example : Overhead Projectors, LCD’s, E-learning is an important feature.

Departmental Library is equipped with 2013 Books and Various Journals. The Students and Faculty Members do publication of Research Papers in various National and International Journals.


Research Programmes under taken :

  • Assessment of the community.
  • Clinical Research
  • Nutrition Education
  • Product Formulation.


  • World Breast Feeding Week 01-07 August
  • Nutrition Week 01-07 September
  • Skill Oriented Workshops.
  • World Diabetes Day 22nd June
  • World Food Day 16 October

Student Activities Learning and Practicing

  • Therapeutic Diet
  • Innovative Cooking
  • Low Cost Recipes
  • Microbiological Assessment
    1. The Alumni of Department are well placed at National & International Level.
      The Department as recognized as Research Centre for PhD By RDVV.
    2. Sunita Sarvate, Ruchira Singh , Niharika Verma, Manisha & Shakti are UGC NET qualified Alumni of the Department.
    3. Nazia  Hussain, Deepika Gupta & Swati Indurakhya MSc DFSM have been Awarded Junior Research Fellowship By UGC in 2010.
    4. Renu Shukla has Received Post Graduate Merit Scholarship from UGC in 2011.


The Students are placed -

  • In various Hospitals, Institutions, as Academicians, Nutritional Counselors at District, State, National and International Level.
  • As / in NGO’s.



  • Prof. Brijlata Dubey
  • Prof. Nandita Sarkar
  • Dr. Smita Pathak
  • Smt. Syeda Tasneem  Ali
  • Smt. Kanchan Dhingra
  • Smt. Vishwa Shanti Tiwari Parashar
  • Dr. Rajlakshmi Tripathi


Govt. M. H. College of Home Science and Science for Women Autonomous Jabalpur